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The Saints Came Marching In… Snow and all! Plus book giveaway notice and Blog Tour Update for Lisa Hendey!

Thank you to one and all who braved the sleety snow of October (of October?!) to attend our Amazing God evening, Meeting the Saints, presented by yours truly. I am personally very grateful for all the attendance and support shown by this community. Your parish secretary tries to use her gifts of over-talkiness and for good in this way and I figure if my over-talky is about God, may all things be in order, thanks be to God! Or as my Jesuit priest friends say, AMDG!

The talk was a lot of fun to prepare and I dived head first into many great books that I am blessed to own or have access too. I drew heavily on two books written by Fr. James Martin, SJ – read more about him at one of the two Jesuit links from the prior paragraph – My Life With the Saints and his most recent work, Between Heaven and Mirth.  I highly recommend both volumes and hope to have a review of the latter published very soon!

Let me stop and offer a little color commentary, if we can take a minute for a story about My Life with the Saints.I  have purchased many copies of this book. They either get given as gifts or loaned out and never come back. Which is basically fine with me! It is like grace received and shared!

In any case, the other Jesuit mentioned in the links from the first paragraph is Paul Campbell, SJ. Fr. Paul is the Publisher at Loyola Press and a beloved online friend. Paul was going to be in Syracuse this summer and told me that he wanted to meet for lunch; I explained that there was no way that I could get to Syracuse or even halfway there… It was the day of our IC Parish Picnic, so I did not have the time.  No worries offered Paul, with all of his Irishy, Jesuity exuberance – I will come to you. And he did just that, drove all the way to Clifton Park to meet me for an early Sunday brunch. He came bearing a bag o’ books from Loyola Press, God bless him, and one of those books was another (thank you Jesus) copy of My Life With The Saints, which I was going to get another copy of anyway. Imagine my joy to find it. When I opened it to do some research for my talk, I realized that not only did I have a new copy, but I had one autographed by James Martin! God is very good.

In any case, I was grateful to have both volumes at my disposal for my research and recommendation. And thanks again for a fun evening, snow and all, with a very lively and inquisitive crowd!

A third book came my way late in the week and I wish I had had my hands on it earlier, but I did not. This fine book is called, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms by Lisa Hendey, Catholic author, new media queen and the force behind the Catholic Mom website! (I am a Catholic step-mom, does that count?!) This book is wonderful and Catholic mom or not, a great resource about saints along with some fine catechesis and activity.

Sound good? Well great – then I invite you to try to win a free copy, generously given to us for giveaway by the publisher, Ave Maria Press. How can you win? I will collect the names of everyone who leaves a comment on Pastoral Postings from midnight until 11:59pm on November 1, 2011 and draw a winner. This is an excellent book. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, which is All Saints Day, which is also the day that the “blog tour” for A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms will be here. Please learn a little  more about Lisa Hendey and her new book, come back and visit. And leave a comment, or two or three! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

In any event, those who came also got treated to a lovely prayer card. If you are ever in the market for holy cards or medals or other religious items, I cannot recommend Catholic Prayer Cards enough! They have an amazing selection, great prices and honestly – some of the nicest prayer cards that I have ever seen. You will find amazing and interesting saints, beautifully done and quite affordable. I discovered them in a “felix culpa” or happy accident recently and I am so delighted that I am connected with them. Please take a look – from household to parish to catechetical use, there is something for everyone on that site! (And delivery is super fast!) I hope that it is OK that I post some of their images so that you can get a sense of their work. (Sorry I am not that great at WordPress, so photo layout is questionable at best!)

Parting Question: Who is your favorite saint?


4 Responses

  1. What a fabulous, happy post 🙂
    For a long long time, my favorite saint has been Teresa of Avila.
    Thank you for this joyful, grateful post. It has me beaming from ear to ear.

  2. . . AMDG

    I’m really enjoying the enthusiasm for the faith and for life that your blog overflows with.

    My favorite modern saint could be Mary MacKillop. There is a personal connection now that I have spent good hours at her tomb, museum, chapel in North Sydney. “Remember that we are but travellers here” is written on her tomb.
    I admire how she stood up for her beliefs even in the face of excommunication.

    Thanks also for the new to me term “felix culpa.”
    Blessings from sunny Jerusalem.

  3. Two commenters from around the globe -Dina in Jerusalem and Claire in France! I hope to see more folks from our parish, but I am delighted to have you both stop by!

    Dina, I *love* that you were at Mary MacKillop’s tomb!

  4. Fran,

    We were out of town again. Sorry we missed the talk. BTW, the current issue if Catholic Digest is replete with saint stories.

    Jerry H. a fellow parishioner at ICC

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