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Thanksgiving For All Who Have Lost Someone

I just got off the phone with a parishioner who recently lost someone close to her. We see a lot of death here at the rectory… both in funeral activity as well as the losses of those in our community. We might not even know the deceased, but they were a brother, a sister, a friend, a parent or whomever to someone in this parish. The loss is felt by all as we mourn with others. It occurred to me that this post, which I put up at my home parish blog for St. Edward the Confessor in Clifton Park, might be appropriate here in Glenville. Read on…

This past year, my husband’s sister Olga died. Although she had been sick before, her cancer was in remission – so we all thought. We spent a great Christmas together, our happiest ever perhaps. She went home and did not feel well in January and immediately went to the doctor. Her surgery was on January 30. On March 23, she was gone.

This will be our first Thanksgiving without Olga and we are all bereft. I think of my friend who lost her husband one year ago from this Thursday. I think of another woman who lost her mom, who lived with her and was her best friend. I keep thinking of so many people who face Thanksgiving with an empty chair like ours.

(Click here to continue reading this post.)


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