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Monday Musing

Something short to ponder today… Easter was yesterday, right?

Not exactly… Easter is 50 days and this is only day two!  We tend to “finish” the holiday and move on, but we have 50 full days between now and Pentecost, all of which is our Easter season.

As I was writing an Easter post for my Times Union based blog (no subscription required, so please feel free to click in and read), I was reflecting about baptism as a metaphor for death, which is what it is. Being baptized into Christ means to die and be resurrected into New Life.

This is the story of all of our lives, dying and rising.  Easter, the Resurrection of Christ is our eternal hope.  We must suffer the death of sin over and over again, but we too must embrace new life with joy.  This is embrace is our gratitude and how we are Christ for others; we believe what we have seen, that God’s power brings death to all sin and life in abundance for all who follow in Jesus’ ways.

When we finally breath our last in this life, our baptism is what will make possible our embracing Christ in our death, with hope for Eternal Life in the Kingdom

Christos Anesti!

Christ is Risen!


Keep the spirit of Easter alive – for all 50 days!


One Response

  1. Christ is risen, indeed, Fran! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Thank you for reveling Him to us 🙂

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