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Holy Waiting – An Advent calendar twist

Not too long ago, I posted two Advent resource book reviews, that you may read here, and here. If you have not already found an Advent prayer resource, it is not too late. (If you decided to order from from Ave Maria Press, you may be eligible for a discount that expires on 11/27/13 by using the promo code 2013ADVENT during checkout.)

When I first mentioned this time of Holy Waiting, I also asked if anyone would be willing to share any Advent ideas or practices. Reader Sasha came forth with this amazing adventure of an idea! She has graciously shared this “calendar” of intentional practices that she does with her family.

Here are a few words from Sasha herself:

Thanks for the encouragement to put this together. As I did it I realized that we really do more than I had thought and I may not try to do the Jesse tree this year – quality not quantity! In addition to the activities here, my 9 year old son and I attend Mass every weekday (he serves) so we will hear all the Advent readings there.

If anyone else is interested in this idea, I made a spreadsheet in Excel and put all the dates and feasts in it, along with the liturgical colors. Once I had that done it kind of gave me a road map of where to insert which of the activities we already do as a family. From there I could fill in with new activities on the empty days. Once that was done I merged it in Word as mailing labels. My son will cut the strips of paper (I’ll let him know how many of each color to make) and then I’ll put the labels on and give them to him to make into a chain without looking at the labels. That way each day is a surprise when he opens the link.

As I put this calendar together, I tried to keep all the ‘busyness’ to the first half of Advent. After Gaudete Sunday we will slow way down and pray a Christmas Novena each day.

Sasha also sent a photo of the “chain” that she her family made for Lent, but other than the length, it would be the same for Advent.

-3I think that this is all very beautiful. I can see this being done and adapted in many ways. Thank you to Sasha for sharing this all so generously with us. The “calendar” is below, for your use.

It is not too late to send in some thoughts of your own. Please let me know if you would like to contribute to, or write your own post!

Blessings to all as we prepare for Advent, the season of Holy Waiting. And thank you again to Sasha!

Sunday, December 1 (Violet)

First Sunday in Advent

Light first Advent candle; what does it mean to be a season of stillness and waiting?

Monday, December 2 (Violet)

Shop for Giving Tree gift

Tuesday, December 3 (White)

Feast of St. Francis Xavier

Adopt a Missionary; decorate Mission Can

Wednesday, December 4 (Violet)

Select handmade Christmas gift project; cookies with Cub Scouts

Thursday, December 5 (Violet)

School Christmas Play;

put out shoes for St Nicholas

Friday, December 6 (White)

Feast of St. Nicholas

Get Christmas Tree

Saturday, December 7 (White)

Feast of St. Ambrose

Bake gingerbread people (with honey!)

Sunday, December 8 (Violet)

Second Sunday in Advent

Light second Advent candle; decorate & package gingerbread people

Monday, December 9 (White)

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

All-White Dinner; deliver gingerbread people

Tuesday, December 10 (Violet)

Random Acts of Kindness day

Wednesday, December 11 (Violet)

Shop for family gifts at school Santa’s Workshop

Thursday, December 12 (White)

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexican food for dinner

Friday, December 13 (Red)

Feast of St. Lucy

Breakfast by candlelight;

visit Christkindlmarkt

Saturday, December 14 (White)

Feast of St. John of the Cross

Christkindlmarkt closing

Sunday, December 15 (Rose)

Gaudete Sunday

Light third Advent candle

Monday, December 16 (Violet)

Day 1 Christmas Novena

Tuesday, December 17 (Violet)

Day 2 Christmas Novena

Wednesday, December 18 (Violet)

Day 3 Christmas Novena

Thursday, December 19 (Violet)

Day 4 Christmas Novena

Friday, December 20 (Violet)

Day 5 Christmas Novena

Saturday, December 21 (Violet)

Day 6 Christmas Novena

Sunday, December 22 (Purple)

Fourth Sunday in Advent

Light fourth Advent candle,

Day 7 Christmas Novena

Monday, December 23 (Violet)

Day 8 Christmas Novena

Tuesday, December 24 (White)

Christmas Eve

Day 9 Christmas Novena; decorate the Christmas Tree; attend Christmas Eve Mass


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