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Got Bread? Some thoughts on the Eucharist.

I am sharing this post here today, but it was written for my personal blog, which is called, There Will be Bread, which is published at the Times Union.

Well, you would think that bread would be found here… after all, the name of the blog clearly states that “there will be bread.” That is no accident of course, as I am take the Eucharist very seriously, I believe that the bread is the body… wait, I mean that the Bread is the Body. It is all about the Eucharist for me, and about living eucharistically. So here we are on this day when we as Church celebrate The Body and Blood of Christ, with lots to talk about.

The other day I read Continue reading


The donkey and the dreams, a Palm Sunday relfection

(This was originally published at my Times Union blog and is reprinted here)
Palm Sunday… The Donkey, a poem by G.K. Chesterton is a reminder of the place occupied by the donkey, and the dreams. Ah, the humility of the lowly creature that carried the Lord Jesus on its back, as the people flung and waved their palm branches, shouting, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” Ah, the need to be mindful of, and listen to our dreams, no matter where they may lead.

To remember that this donkey, called a colt in the Scriptures, but a donkey, an ass, is simply meant for carting and carrying goods. Such a lowly creature, a humble one, carrying the Lord Jesus, himself humble. To remember the role that dreams played in getting Jesus onto that donkey.

I think of the donkey that ferried Mary to Bethlehem. Another donkey probably was pressed into service when Joseph, Mary and the child Jesus fled from Herod’s clutch. And yet another likely brought them back to Nazareth from Egypt, after Joseph was informed in a yet another dream, that it was safe to return.

It was not safe to return to Jerusalem Continue reading

A Reflection on John 5:1-16

(This is the text of a reflection that I offered at Lenten Tuesday Evening Prayer at St. Edward the Confessor. I am reflecting on Tuesday’s Gospel, John 5:1-16.)

The Pool of Bethesda, Jerusalem, November 2004. Photo by Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

The words stung as I read them; he wrote: “It’s kinda like this… Many cripples were left waiting at the Pool of Bethesda. I doubt their pain would be mollified by your words. After listening to you talk about the free response that is love, a Deuteronomistic view of the world, and Job 39 – and after you and Jesus walk away with the cheering admirers – they’d still be crippled, in pain, and left behind at the Pool.”

* Ouch *

Those words came to me in the form of a recent blog comment. Ironically it came in response to a blog post that I had written about how lovely evening prayer, and our community at St. Edward’s was. This person had already left a few comments at the blog, appearing like a peaceful, unbelieving, and wistful interloper, but in retrospect, he seemed somewhat hurt and angry. My concern for him was countered with knowing that there were probably no words that I could offer to him. It was not lost on me that the last line of his comment referred to the very Gospel I would be here to talk about tonight.

This is where I Continue reading

Breaking blog news!

Lately I have been praying for a larger platform to write from. I am so grateful for this space and for my other parish blog, over at  St. Edward the Confessor. In any case, I do have my personal blog and while it has decent readership, it would be a privilege to write about my faith and life for a bigger audience.

As it happened, and out of the blue – well, out of God’s blue – I was contacted by Mike Huber, who oversees all the blogs for the Albany Times Union. Mike, himself a Catholic, had been on the lookout for a blog that he believed would fit the bill for the TU faith blog. One day he googled something, found my blog and he really liked it. He liked it even more when he realized that I was local! So in less than a week’s time, Mike’s google turned into me being a Times Union blogger.

Please feel free to stop by, read and comment if you wish! And I am grateful for any prayers as I pursue writing about the faith that we share and live in Christ. (click here for the link.)

Saturday Song – Late and filled with news and a photo!

Sorry I am late… Mea culpa!

So many things going on right now… Getting ready for our Tuesday night presentation that I am offering, “Too Busy for Lent?” Am I the right one to do this? I guess so, being busy and all! I love Lent so much, I would not be too busy for it, but I hope to introduce you to or remind you of some simple ways to connect with God during this season.

Father Jerry sent me a photo of newly elevated Cardinal Timothy Dolan! How exciting for him to be present at the consistatory for new cardinals. Photo is here…

Another piece of exciting news is that the Times Union has asked me to blog for them at the TU blogs website. My first post from my personal blog, There Will Be Bread, will go up there live on Tuesday. What an honor to be the only Catholic blogger on the TU site. It is my personal blog and I consider it the intersection of faith and life. All are welcome, so please stop by from time to time.  And please pray for me as I undertake this much more public role as a blogger and Catholic writer. Thank you!

All this news has me singing this hymn over and over, which is aptly titled, How Can I Keep From Singing? I had this played at the prelude to my wedding, but since it was the prelude, I was hidden away and did not hear it. It embodied then, as now, how Mark and I felt about getting married. We sing this frequently at St. Edward’s, but I have not heard it here at Immaculate. Maybe I have just missed it. I have also heard it sung at funerals and some people react with shock to that, but honestly, I would not rule it out at my own! Not that I am in a rush for that one to happen!

Have a great weekend!

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